The 业务办公室 is here to provide student account assistance along with various university cashiering functions.

地点:Sandefer Memorial二楼
邮件:P.O. 得克萨斯州阿比林16010号信箱,邮编79698

一般:9a.m. 到5点.m. 星期一至星期五
收银窗口:上午9点.m. 到下午12:30.m. 下午1:30.m. 到下午4点.m. 星期一至星期五


每月帐单可透过CASHNet网上缴费. 学生可以直接去 CASHNet 你可以在哪里在线支付账单.


  • 检查
  • 现金
  • 透过现金net网上付款
  • 此外,国际学生可以使用信用卡付款 PayMy学费.
    PayMy学费 is specifically for international students and is the only preferred method for international student payments.

有关正式付款计划的详细信息,请参阅学生手册, 然而,下面总结了每个学期的付款选项.

学生可以创建一个家长密码,以允许家长, 监护人和其他授权用户访问他/她的账户信息. 家长密码必须由学生创建才能使用. 一旦密码创建,父母就可以 登录这里.


  1. 在付款到期日之前支付100%未被经济援助覆盖的余额
  2. Enroll in a payment plan on CASHNet and make the first payment by the Payment Due Date

HSU提供付款计划, 报名费是80美元, which allows students to pay their outstanding balance with four equal payments or six equal payments. 付款日期如下:

付款计划                                               付款计划截止日期
5个月计划: 8月1日 9月1日 10月1日 11月1日 12月1日
6个月计划: 7月3日 8月1日 9月1日 10月1日 11月1日 12月1日
付款计划                                               付款计划截止日期
4个月计划: 2月1日 3月1日 4月1日 5月1日
5个月计划: 1月8日 2月1日 3月1日 4月1日 5月1日
6个月计划: 1月8日 2月1日 3月1日 4月1日 5月1日 6月1日

A late fee of $80 will be charged for all payments made more than 5 days after the scheduled payment dates above.

There is an Automatic Draft Payment plan option that will draft the selected account on the above dates; however, please be advised that the automatic draft is calculated as a proration of the outstanding balance on the payment date. 如果注册课程发生变化,起草的付款将发生变化, 经济援助奖, 帐面费用或应用于该帐户的其他费用.

我们的学校将通过银行移动支付将您的退款送达, 技术解决方案, BMTX供电, 公司. 请访问此链接获取更多信息: http://bankmobiledisbursements.com/refundchoices/.

要查看我们的合同,请访问此链接: http://www.vibeaccount.com/swc/doc/landing/qxfas8hppo6bu05ned9a


Get Funds is a place where students (and parents) can manage their 牛仔的现金 accounts, 找地方吃饭等等. Get Funds提供有关帐户余额和支出历史的宝贵信息, 使您可以在白天或晚上的任何时间报失或被盗卡. 登录这里


Get Funds允许您将资金存入学生的牛仔的现金账户. 登录这里

For international payments Hardin Simmons University has partnered with PayMy学费 for international tuition payments. 与PayMy学费, 你可以从任何一家银行支付学费, 在任何国家,任何货币都比银行汇率好. 

PayMy学费 allows you to choose from several payment options and currencies including wire transfers, 电子钱包支付, 账单支付和信用卡支付. You can pay your tuition payments in your home currency at better than bank exchange rates. PayMy学费快速、简单且经济有效.

按照一步一步的指示开始您的转移. 请确保在转让日期之前付款.


  • 不要多付银行兑换货币的钱. PayMy学费可以帮你省钱.
  • PayMy学费快速、安全且易于使用.
  • Create, fund and track your payments from start to finish using PayMy学费’s online dashboard.
  • 随时访问多语言客户支持.
  • 开户很容易,只需要几分钟.




免费U.S. 和加拿大:            1.855.663.6839

我们当地的:                                              +201.209.1939

加拿大当地的:                                    +905.305.9053

电子邮件:                                                   support@paymytuition.com 

网络:                                                     www.paymytuition.com/help

其他PG电子游戏:        www.paymytuition.com/contact

提示: PayMy学费 also offers personal transfers with real time exchange rates and lower transfer fees than banks.  Setting up recurring payments to manage and pay for your monthly expenses including books, 餐, 房租又快又容易.  Contact us and one of our friendly customer support team members who will be happy to assist.


第四章退款是由接受第四章政府资助的学生产生的, 如, 佩尔助学金, 有补贴和无补贴贷款超过其帐户上的费用. Title IV refunds are processed once Financial 援助 has posted aid to the student account after the 8th class day.  The business office will process all Title IV refunds within 14 days after financial aid has posted the funds to the student account. The 业务办公室 processes any Title IV refund from a report that it runs weekly to determine the existence of credit balances.

The 业务办公室 will process Title IV refunds one of two ways: (1) direct deposit through BankMobile Disbursements or (2) by check. The only way a student receives their refund by check is if they specifically request it in the 业务办公室. 除非另有说明, the refund will be sent via BankMobile Disbursements and processed electronically based upon how the student requested to receive it. 曾经是BMTX公司. receives the refund, the student will receive an email notification stating the funds are available.


The Parent Plus Loan is another Title IV fund that must also follow government refund regulations. 而不是学生收到退款, the parent will receive the refund for any credit on the account up to the amount of the Parent Plus Loan for that semester.  如果家长希望学生获得退款, 家长必须在贷款发起时以书面形式说明这一愿望.   一旦退款出现在学生的账户上, we will look at the Parent Plus Loan application and mail the refund check to the parent name and address on the loan file. These checks will be sent via mail following the day the refund is processed on the student account. 如果家长表示要退款给学生, 退款将通过银行移动支付发送给学生. The student will receive an email stating they have a refund and how to proceed to receive the refund.


非第四章退款可以来自超额付款, 外面的奖学金, 或者私人贷款到一个账户. 一般, these refunds occur in accounts receiving no Title IV funds paid to the students’ accounts in the current semester. 然而, a credit balance can result after a student receives a full Title IV refund if one of the above situations occurs.  These refunds can also be completed upon request once a credit is shown in the student’s account. A non-Title IV refund can be returned to the student either by check or BankMobile Disbursements. 如果学生希望通过支票收到退款, 他们需要联系商务办公室来说明这一点. If they do not request a check, the refund will be sent via BankMobile Disbursements. BMTX公司. will then contact the student when the refund is ready to be deposited in their selected refund preference. 有关银行移动支付的更多信息,请访问以下链接: http://bankmobiledisbursements.com/refundchoices/.